Micheala’s Coffee Bucket List

My travel bucket list is basically the same as my coffee bucket list. No one who knows me is even remotely surprised that I would arrange my global adventures entirely around where I’ll encounter the best coffee. Here are just a few of the cities I hope to sip coffee in during my lifetime. 

Melbourne, Australia


This is an entire street/sidewalk dedicated to coffee shops and roasters. It’s outdoors and surrounded by local art. Sign me up!

Seattle, Wa.


This one should have been crossed off my bucket list already, but spring break travel plans fell through. One day I’ll take a coffee tour of America’s coffee capital. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina


This actually isn’t coffee, it’s “mate” (pronounced MAH-tay). It’s kind of like tea except without the tea bag. It’s really important to Argentinian culture because it’s often shared in group settings, and each person passes the bombilla (straw) around the group and drinks from the same bowl. It’s usually done during conversation or after dinner. 

Café de Los Deseos, Costa Rica


Café de Los Deseos, “Cafe Wishes,” is one of the only cafes in Costa Rica that serves cold brew and frozen coffee drinks. 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Ethiopia has a coffee ceremony – how cool is that?! The ceremony starts as raw beans are roasted over hot coals, with each person in attendance being invited to savor the smell of the fumes. The beans are then ground with a wooden pestle and mortar before finally being brewed twice in a clay boiling pot called a” jebena.”


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