Four of my favorite coffee blogs


Of course, there’s this coffee blog. But there are other great ones out there, too. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee to read a coffee blog. So this Saturday morning, I’m sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee to write a coffee blog post about other coffee blogs.

I Need Coffee

This blog is great if you actually NEED coffee. It has lots of really awesome recipes so you can make your own drinks and basically train yourself to be a super skilled barista. Check out this blog if you want to impress your friends with your creative homemade caffeinated beverages.

In My Mug

This one might actually be my favorite because it has TWO of my favorite things: multimedia and coffee. The guy who runs this blog has literally made over 300 episodes for his video blog. He’s on a world coffee tour and makes a new episode each time he goes to a coffee conference or finds some interesting coffee shop abroad. It’s incredible. This guy is like the Anthony Bourdain of coffee.


Sprudge is great because it finds and reviews all kinds of cool, modern coffee shops that are popping up around the country and the globe. If you’re a world traveler and need to know which coffee venues to hit up during your trips, Sprudge is a great resource. But it’s still interesting even if you’re like me and enjoy just being a hermit and taking up space on your living room couch while reading blogs.

Dear Coffee I Love You

This blog just brings happiness to my heart. It’s honestly a coffee-lover’s Internet paradise, and it even has gift ideas for all the coffee lovers in your life. (I may or may not have already referred my friends, boyfriend and family members to this blog…)


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