Pre-Seattle reflections

At this time tomorrow, I’ll be en route to making without a doubt the most pious of pilgrimages a caffeine devotee can make. 

Seattle is a Mecca for religious coffee drinkers like myself. And while I think the whole Mecca comparison is an exhausted metaphor, I felt like using it anyways because A) it’s incredibly accurate in this case, and B) I promised myself that I wouldn’t think too hard over spring break. 

Even Wikipedia recognizes Seattle’s spiritual grandeur:

“Seattle is a world center for coffee roasting and coffee supply chain management.”

It’s a world center for coffee. So as much as I would just LOVE to spend my spring break being incoherent at PCB with the rest of my age group, I think this trip to Seattle is exactly what I need. (I hope the sarcasm there was obvious).

This is kind of a silly thing to say, but my coffee consumption is a pretty surefire determinant of my happiness (wE hAvE aN aDdIcT oVeR hErE). Here’s the thing: everyone who is even remotely a part of my social circle knows how much I love coffee (See my first blog post). But no one has ever really asked me to explain why I love it so much. So for the sake of championing emotional intelligence, I’m going to briefly explain my arduous relationship with coffee.

The thing about coffee is it’s always there for me. Whether it’s a relaxing Sunday morning when I’ve had the chance to sleep in, or the butt crack of dawn on a stressful deadline day. It fuels my creativity as I paint and as I write (you better believe I’ve got a cup o’ jo adjacent to my Macbook as I write this). It reminds me that I’m a hard worker, and gives me the slight kick in the pants that I sometimes need to keep going. Whether I’m drinking it on-the-go or sipping it comfortably at home from my favorite mug, those moments with coffee are the ones I reserve for me.

So in case I haven’t made it clear enough how I excited I am to be heading to Seattle tomorrow, I’ll provide a few more reasons for my anxious anticipation. I’m embarking on this pilgrimage with one of my best friends whose love of coffee rivals mine. And sometimes there’s nothing I love more than sharing my coffee moments with someone I love and care about. Also, this trip to Seattle will mark the first time in my entire life that I’ll see an ocean. I’ll be crossing a few items off my personal bucket list this week.

I can’t wait to be reminded of some of the things I love most in life: adventure and sharing coffee moments with friends.


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